Your Experience

I would love to hear about your experience as an allergy mum or dad. If you'd like to add your story here as a comment, I can either publish it as a post in the future, or keep it here as a comment for other parents to read. Please include what allergies your children have and any other tips you've picked up along the way. Or, if you have a specific area you'd like me to put a post on, please let me know.

Most of all, thanks for reading and I hope we will all continue to grow in knowledge, understanding and love for the special privilege we have of having kids.


  1. i found a website anaphylaxis australia, and its got allergy cards with helpfull info that you can print out it would be good for family members or friends that still learning sorry dont know how to link.

  2. Thanks for that - I'll try and do a post with these details - I forgot how useful these lists were when we who first discovered our child's allergies. I'm sure other new parents would definitely appreciate this.

  3. Hi there .. I work for Channel Seven and I am working on a story about children's allergies. I have been reading through some of the information on here and would love to talk to you about your son and your experience with his allergies. Are you able to please give me a call on 0417 896 231. Kind regards,